Module List

Here are the modules (topics) covered in this class:

  1. Introduction
    Overview of the class.
  2. Professional persona
    Creating a professional portfolio and other online presences.
  3. Integrated Development Environments
    The importance of IDEs, introduction to Eclipse.
  4. Coding Standards
    Why coding standards support quality; The Elements of Java Style.
  5. Java Coding
    Simple Java coding exercises to practice Eclipse and coding standards.
  6. UI  basics (HTML/CSS)
    A quick overview of web user interfaces and Cascading Style Sheets.
  7. UI frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap)
    Twitter Bootstrap 3 for responsive user interface design.
  8. Web Application Frameworks (Play)
    Introduction to web application frameworks, focusing on Play.
  9. Cloud-based hosting (GitHub)
    Supporting group-based software development using git and GitHub.
  10. Dynamic Web Applications, Part 1
    Introduction to using templates and models to support dynamic pages.
  11. Dynamic Web Applications, Part 2
    More sophisticated use of templates and models.
  12. Cloud-based deployment (CloudBees)
    Deploying web applications to the cloud, focusing on CloudBees.
  13. Rapid Application Mockup Development (Eclipse, TB, Play, Github, CloudBees)
    Putting your skills to work: rapid development of a web application
  14. Authorization and authentication
    Basic concepts of login and page access control.
  15. Model design (ER Diagrams, LucidCharts)
    Creating ER diagrams to model your persistent storage.
  16. Model Implementation (JPA, MySQL)
    Using JPA to implement the model.
  17. Testing (JUnit)
    Designing, implementing, and running integration tests.
  18. Final Project
    Putting it all together with a real-world application.

For the dates associated with these topics, see the Calendar.